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tv   [untitled]    July 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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test, test test, test >> okay. well to our special meeting july 11th. i'll be chairing this meeting. to my left is supervisor cowen and to my right is supervisor
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breed. the committee would like to acknowledge the staff at sftv those folks record anticipate of our meeting and make the transcripts available on line. mr. clerk any special announcements. >> yes, please silence all electronic devises. and submit any documents tote clerk >> thank you. at this time can you please call item number one >> appointing one member to the communication systems joint policy authority there's one applicant. >> captain would you like to
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take a statement. >> chairman yee thank you for this opportunity for submitting my qualifications to the board. september mark my 30th year with the law enforcement. and over those thirty years i've been involved in a number of events throughout the city and county. one recurring theme t is the need for communication. the board is moving towards insuring that communications is available to all public safety and we can speak to each other it's crucial for the public safety in the city and county. i bring thirty years of experience and i was one of the developing team he members for
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the joint agreement so i have independent knowledge of the program and i understand that you were involved with creating some training curriculum for the russian law enforcement. >> yes, sir. >> that was a hate crimes symposi symposium seminar we tailgate law enforcement executives how to develop a police model for tolerance. >> so not only do you have bay area regional experience but international. >> yes, sir. >> do you colleagues have any questions for the captain?
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>> thank you. >> thank you. at this point is there any public comments? >> okay seeing none, then public comment is closed. can we have a motion to wave the residents requirement for this appointment? well any objection. now colleagues can we move this item to the full board. congratulations >> item number 2. >> consider appointing one member to the commission on the agency advisory counsel one seat available. >> ms. lal i didn't come on up. >> good afternoon. i'm asking
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for another term on the counsel on aging advisory counsel to the department of aging and adult services. i want to say that i've been on this counsel for sometime. when i retired i decided my two main interests were aging and immigrants rights and so i work on actually, their both connected. many of the aging that are served by the department of aging are that immigrants from the various parts felt world so it's helpful to be interested and alerted to that. my background i've worked 3 years for the department of social services rep in chinatown and the tenderloin and that determined my neck 26 years of
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my employment i worked in chinatown for the elderly and in the tenderloin at the curry senior center. now that i'm reserved i go to meeting and senior maeal sites. we talk about it i'm on a committee for that, too but i think that's going to be a long while the focus is on children. i go to the western senior center and the russian because we're required to do site
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visits. they treat us right in this right and i realize the most senior aging programs are the senior males and they help the folks get assessable to other services and more people want to eat a more affordable meeting. i'm co- chair of the legislative committee. and this past term we've put together the people from the commission on aging as well as the advisory counsel and so we have a joint legislative committee. so we work on issues that are related to seniors and try to get people to change what they're doing often then they
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don't like we tried to keep the state from keeping the cost of living from the folks. otherwise i work on the issues of homeless seniors needing shelters some of the private ones 6 hundred to $1,000 a month is outrageous so more seniors are needing homeless shelter avoidance and that's an ongoing effort we haven't successfully
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gotten anything done yet. and i lived in closing like to tell you you that have the right to appoint someone to the advisory counsel from our district and we don't have appointees and so it's mandated by the government in the act the advisory counsel is set up so that half its members are appointed by supervisors and i appreciate supervisor mar now nominating me for this position >> any questions for ms. hail. >> one quick question i might have missed this. good afternoon how many years have you served and i was afraid
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someone would ca ask that. i was appoint when i retired in 1996 and so i served for 4 years and then appoint by willie brown to be on the commission and i was there for about 5 years and newsom didn't like the position the commission took with a merger so i was reappointed to the advisory counsel in about 200 three or four so i guess that would make a number of years (laughter) >> more than adequate. any other questions. seeing none, none thank you. thank you >> any public comments at this point. seeing none, public comment is
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closed. ms. hail thank you for wanting to serve on this. i've seen you in the hallways your willingness to serve so valuable and thank you for letting me know i assume the 67 doesn't have anna representative on the advisory >>right. >> i'll make sure i find someone. i realize there's so many advisories floating around it's hard to keep track of it especially for someone like myself that's new so it's helpful to remind us on the board of supervisors there are some vacant slots for those
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advisory committee. so colleagues any other thoughts? >> seeing none, none can we have this full appointment to the board so move forward. >> item 3 is to consider one member term ending 2013 there's one seat and one applicant. >> okay. >> hello i am the director of the workers right caucus. thank you so much for the consideration for the vacancy. i'm interested in applying for the commission or be on the task
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force because we provided free legal services for low income workers and wage theft is by far the biggest issue we see the workers we serve are ailing that are low income and work here in san francisco. i think it's a challenge what direct services we do it in a strategic way and that's the task force is trying to explore and san francisco is always a leader in this thinking i'm excited about what the task force is doing and could be a great access. my personal conversations i set up a caucus being the director of the workers right project i was an attorney there and have
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practiced many years at the union side. attorney on behalf of the immigrant workers and more low wage sector unions. so, anyway thank you for considering my application >> there was recently maybe it's not so recent you get old recent seems to be 10 years but you've been there for 3 years. >> that's correct. >> it seems like there was a huge case that was in the courts were you involved. >> our program did resolve a big case in conjunction with the labor commissioners office involving a chain of recuperates
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of both chinese and vietnamese workers but that we're proud of the collaboration between us and the government and our office. it's those kinds of collaborations and communications that the task force is talking about and exploring so that's the prospective we certainly understand >> what was the settlement for that. >> it was about $316,000 for the workers we represented 8 workers but it secured unpaid wages owed to a set of workers he who were two afraid to come down. >> any other questions supervisor breed. >> i want you to thank you for your willingness to serve and someone with our background is
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something that's needed in order to make sure we're making the right decisions. i plan on supporting this position and i know when you serve in those capacities it's a commitment and with all the things you have on your plate as an attorney and with the asian caucus i know that adding an added responsibility can be channeling but your willingness to do this and commit tow it and help us in making decisions around this important issue will definitely make a difference >> thank you. thank you very much. at this point is there any public comments for this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues any other thoughts? on this? if not can we have a motion to forward this
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appointment to the full board with recommendation >> thank you congratulations. let's see where are reitem 4 >> item 4 consider appointing 3 members to the ballot committee there's 3 seats and 3 applicants. >> i believe the candidates are here today can we hear in the order their listed and i would like to be reappointed i think it's a valuable service we offer and makes the elect easier for the public. >> nice. thank you.
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lutz and then ms. packard >> i guess i won't be quiet as simple i was called in 1997 by the director who said we need a quorum for the ballot simplification committee and that was in 1997 up for my 10th nomination. i guess i need to say when peep ask why do i do this and there are times when i go home from hearing paid lobbyists and attorneys i think when we
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provided a valuable service we're probably the most unknown committee in the entire city of san francisco. most people don't know we write the handbook and we listen to ail people who have some kind of interest in the charter amendments to we can present to the public ann an unbiased capitalization of how they vote whether or not it's yes or no. and in doing so i don't get - i have charred the commission for the last 10 years and i don't get involved with community politics.
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for example, when my husband and i went to the christmas party supervisor cowen spoke to my husband and said hello and how are you and she had never seen me. one of the reasons i don't go to the boefrts is because both sides come in and take and don't present all the fact that i have to listen and chair a group of very commented women who sit there with great concentration and great consciousness and don't want my thoughts to be colored by anyone else's. i'm up again for my 18th year whatever >> she didn't want her to his colored.
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>> we are at the assess cafe 0 would you say colored our thoughts but it's good to see you. i i know all the busters and they know me >> you can see you're able to remain objective. >> yes. >> as tony can tell you i can say on more than one occasion i don't want to hear it. >> i've said that, too. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next. hello, i'm a - i was brought into this positions beleaguer of women voters and we try to make
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government more assessable to people and to encourage young voters and imply immigrants and so on to vote which is the work that the committee does so well, to make our program understandable. it give us the feeling of accomplishment because it's very important reasoning that's why i want to serve for another term >> this is your second term or how many terms and a i've served on it for i think it's 4 years now uh-huh. >> supervisor cowen. >> i was wondering are there any men on this committee. >> pardon. >> are there any me up.
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>> no. >> i was attacked one day by someone who said there are no men that's because we've begged men to come we meet in the morning and men don't want to want to be on this committee the men in the morning want to play golf. they've all said no, we don't want to and someone else said well, you have no color. i have idea when this committee almost exploded in 20034 when everybody on the committee quit and i was ready to quit and john said i expect you to quit and i said i've put in seven years already then our ballot handbook will look like the states which
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is biased in any aspects and i went to every single group and begged them to come up with people to serve on this committee. they all know we want people of color and men but this is a very concentrated go up. on the committee of women we're work hours if you need something done give it to a woman and that's because i asked for it. look there's jim lazarus >> i thought occupier coming up to volunteer for this. any other questions >> now good to see you intend for being here. >> any other public comments
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for this item? >> seeing none, none. >> no. >> seeing none, none. >> none. this public comment is closed. so is there any other thoughts about n this that is >> i say we sent occupying all 3 recommendations and move them forward. >> good. we have the seats. yeah, all 3. okay. so is there a second for that motion >> i make a motion we fill the seats with jean and seat two with betty and the third with the third lady and the motion is move forward. >> thank you very much for your willingness to serve and keep on making it simple.
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madam clerk can you call item number 5. term ending 2018 to the police commission there's one seat and two applicants >> okay. i believe the candidates are here mr. frank are you here? >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm a retired city paramedic worked 25 years in the streets of san francisco and 8 years before that in the streets of new york. we i want to put one little notation i want to thank the folks on the committee when i came here from new york i was
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flabbergasted. i was one of the first paramedics created trained out of nothing they made us out of clay in new york and we were made teachers to train others i remained a teacher and a mentor and instructor both working and bringing other paramedics into the field. i also started doing union work in new york for safety. when i came in here i guess it was a slippery slope and i went back both that work in this context i have represented paramedics in every level paramedics who were i thought right and paramedics who i thought were wrong i put united
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states emphasis open making sure the people got due process and that's the key in terms of issues that i was elected president of our local and formed the negotiating committee to create the conditions of working at the fire department and i wrote the contract and with a lot of help and that's what i'm saying i created a committee of people to work on that and it was a major task and a large group of people worked together well. i have some experience in that context working with other folks to build something it's different you then being a
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paramedic which is quick and out of there. that's pretty much my qualifications. i worked shoulder to shoulder with the police department and yet on the other side i've already been in opposition to the state. i remember when the first iraq war took place i get off my job and tackle off my your own and get to the cops that were wearing shields and it was a weird position but that's been my position my whole life. i heard there were big problems with the occupy movement and the police i realize i have a unique
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prospective on that >> any questions. >> had your hello there mr. frank. >> hi and this is the first opportunity i have a question. do you regularly attend police commission meeting >> never been. >> so how do you know i want to be on the police commission. >> i look at what the police commission side and i have a lot of experience dealing with disciplinarian issues. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i notice that in this application you signed you knew you were coming before the rules committee i realize n this is a sixth appointment by the board of superso